Top 10 Worldwide Churches Based on the Architecture


Humanity has a great historical relationship with God. To express their connection with the unseen yet hoped for, they have dedicated some of the biggest buildings on earth to Him. These buildings are some of the finest masterpieces inspired by the spiritual. They represent the best in humanity’s creativity.

1. The Church of Hallgrímur

Top 10 Worldwide Churches Based on the Architecture

The Church of Hallgrímur an awesome building that represents the best in Icelandic architecture. The country takes great pride in its architecture and it shows in this building. The building was constructed at the end of the Second World War in 1945. In order to come up with this architectural masterpiece, it took 38 years for the last stone to be laid. This is one of the tallest churches on earth, standing at an astounding 74.5 meters.

2. Chapel of St. Gildas

Top 10 Worldwide Churches Based on the ArchitectureThis church is found near the Canal du Blavet. The church is built on an ancient druidic site, which they considered holy. In addition to that, Gildas, after whom the church is named, preached here. The rough pulpit that he used then is still contained within the church today.

3. Jubilee Church

Top 10 Worldwide Churches Based on the ArchitectureThe Jubilee Church is truly a site to behold. It has curved walls that are essential for temperature regulation in the interior of the building. Besides that, the building is designed to actively fight air pollution. It has a special concrete that breaks down pollutants that break down when they are exposed to it.

4. Basilica of the Holy Trinity

Top 10 Worldwide Churches Based on the ArchitectureThe church, which is found in Portugal, is also one of the largest churches on earth. Construction of the church began in 2004 and took three years. It is built on the site where three girls experienced the apparition of Mary many years ago.

5. Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro

Top 10 Worldwide Churches Based on the ArchitectureThis conical shaped church has a striking resemblance to the pyramids of the Aztecs. The church’s interior diameter is 96 meters. Construction of the building began in 1964 and ended in 1979. At its tallest point, the church is 75 meters. It can comfortably hold 20,000 people within its walls.

6. St. Peter’s Basilica

Top 10 Worldwide Churches Based on the ArchitectureThis is one of the largest churches on earth. The church features a dome that is 136.57 meters tall. The church is also a tourist attraction. Thousands of people go to Rome each year to view his modern marvel.

7. Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Top 10 Worldwide Churches Based on the ArchitectureThis is a church of great significance to Christians all over the world. The church is located at Golgotha, the site of Jesus’ crucifixion. In addition, it is said to contain the Sepulcher. This is where Jesus’ burial occurred.

8. St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery

Top 10 Worldwide Churches Based on the ArchitectureThis church is the home of an active monastery. The church is found to the West of Dnieper River. This church is located in the historical part of Kiev town. The church was constructed in the eighteenth century.

9. St Paul’s Cathedral

Top 10 Worldwide Churches Based on the ArchitectureThe church is built upon the highest point in London. It was originally constructed in 604 AD. The new church, which was built here, is the seat of the Bishop of London. It construction took place in the 17th century.

10. Hagia Sophia

Top 10 Worldwide Churches Based on the ArchitectureThe building was once a church of the Greek Orthodox Church. Later on, the Ottomans converted it into an imperial mosque. Later on, the building was turned into a Roman Catholic Church. Today, it is considered a museum.


These churches represent some of the best works of human hands. They are worth visiting if you ever get a chance to travel the world. They will be worth the effort.

Best 6 Budget Friendly Hotels In The World


One of the biggest expenses, when one is traveling, is the hotel. Most people end up paying a lot of money since they want to stay in comfort. However, there are cheap alternatives that are quite affordable. In addition, they do not compromise on the quality.

1. Hicksville Trailer Palace

Budget Friendly Hotels In The WorldThe hotel is located within the Joshua Tree National Park. However, getting directions to this place will not be easy. The hotel only reveals where it is located to those who have confirmed the reservation. The hotel is the brainchild of Morgan Higby Night. He also happens to be a producer and writer based in L.A. He wanted to find a place that he could go to be at peace with himself.

2. Inn at Tilton Place

Budget Friendly Hotels In The WorldThis is an awesome place for people who want to enjoy the sun and beaches of Florida. The place is located north of Jensen Beach. It only takes two hours to drive here from Jensen Beach. This inn has a lot of rich history to it. Visitors to the place will be soaked in the rich history of the place through photos placed all over the hotel. An affordable place is quiet and relaxing.

3. Sawtooth Hotel

Budget Friendly Hotels In The WorldThe hotel is located away from the busy streets of the cities. It is a wonderful place to have some time to relax. In addition, it is an affordable and comfortable place to stay. The hotel offers a great view of the scenic beauty of the Sawtooth Mountain. Their jagged untouched beauty will be quite a remarkable sight.

4. Hotel 340

Budget Friendly Hotels In The WorldThis hotel is located inside the building that once hosted the St Paul Athletic Club. The building is built in English renaissance style and it is 12 stories. The hotel has some luxurious amenities inside. All the floors of the hotel are made of hardwood. In addition, the showers are quite elegant.

5. Hotel Le Marais

Budget Friendly Hotels In The WorldThis elegant place is found in New Orleans. The interior of the building is quite beautiful. It has a lobby that is set in predominantly bright colors. The rooms are quite different to the lively lobby. They are an oasis of peace and quiet. The hotel rooms have wrought-iron balconies. Visitors will be quite impressed at how elegant the hotel looks. This is definitely one of the best bargains in the world for quality.

6. Cocomama

Budget Friendly Hotels In The WorldThis is one of the most affordable hotels in Amsterdam. The hotel rooms are draped in Dutch inspired kitsch. Each room is a reflection of the Netherlands in its own unique way. It has an interesting history to it. The building was once the most famous brothel in Amsterdam. The hotel is also located near the fun side of Amsterdam. Visitors will have an easy time touring the city and leaving affordably.


These fine hotels will be worth every penny. Thy offer quality and affordability. This is something rare and deserving of appreciation on the current hotel industry. If one does not have, much money and they want to tour the world. These places are the perfect solution.

Top 3 Golf Courses In Switzerland


Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries on earth. It has a rugged terrain that is full of snowcapped mountains. The scenic country also has some of the best transportation infrastructures in Europe. It makes travel in this country quite comfortable. One of the most favorite activities of visitors to this country is golfing.

The country boasts of some of the finest golf courses on earth. As of now, there are over 90 of them. All of which are quite excellent for playing golf. Here are top three that you must visit at least once if you ever go to Switzerland.

Golf Equipment

Before you play golf you will need to make sure you have golf clubs, your golf bag and all the other important things that make up the fundamental golf equipment. Make also sure to arrive early so you are not late and that you have time to warm up and head over to the golf range and hit a few balls, you can also warm up at home if you have the right setting and have golf net for practice in your backyard or you might want to look into setting up a home range using this guide.

1. Domaine Imperial

Golf Courses In SwitzerlandThis golf course is just a twenty-minute drive from Geneva airport. It is among the few golf courses in Europe designed by the legendary Pete Dye. The Dye family is famous worldwide for their impressive skill at designing golf courses.

The golf course’s construction began in the 70s and was completed by 1987. The entire operation involved shifting over half a million meters of dirt. Seve Ballesteros made the inaugural tee. Pete Dye prides

2. Schonenberg Golf & Country Club

Golf Courses In SwitzerlandIt is an 18 hole golf course that is located next to the River Kerbs. As a result, water is used several times in the course of play. The Harradine Company designed the course in the 1960s. The course did not involve the movement of much earth. It is built on the land, which is already perfect. However, this course is closed on November and opens again at the end of February. It is usually in the winter months.

The park does not cater to winter golf players. It has a very strict policy on guests. They are welcome on any day except the weekends. On weekends, they must come with a member of the club. It is located south of Zurich, which is fifteen miles away from this course.

3. Golf Club Vulssens

Golf Courses In SwitzerlandIt is a fine creation, which is the brainchild of Jeremy Perns. The golf club was officially opened to the public in 2001. It has a front nine, which play to par 35, it has triple par 3 holes. The back nine play has three par 5 holes and longer.

The course has one of the most scenic views. It is conveniently found between the Alps and the Jura. The course is built on rolling hills, which provide for an excellent course. The adjacent clubhouse can trace its origins back to medieval times. There are also some impressive buildings, which have a rural look to them. Visitors to the course always yearn to come back again.


The golf courses are also located within easy reach of some excellent skiing resorts. You can relax with some skiing after a round of golf. The whole of the country is within easy reach of a skiing resort. Switzerland is one of the most desired destinations by tourists. Make sure you utilize your visit there to the full. Ensure you plan your trip carefully to visit all of the attractions before you have to leave.

5 Online Travel Agencies That Make Your Travel Easier


5 Online Travel Agencies That Make Your Travel EasierTravel can be quite stressful. It can be worse when one does not get the right assistance. A travel agency can help to make a tour less stressful. However, they do not come cheap. As a result, it is essential that you ensure you get the best deal possible from your travel agency. The first step is to choose a high-quality organization.

1. Tours4Fun

It is one of the most competitively priced travel agencies in the world. They have a global reach, which ensures you can easily get assistance. They always work with the best companies in the world to make sure that a stay anywhere in the world if of high quality. The agency offers its customers many options. You can fine-tune your travel down to very specific activities. As a result, your visit to a destination will be comfortable and memorable.

2. Outward Bound

It is a great tour agency for the adventurous types. It offers its clients the opportunity to learn more about the great outdoors. With this agency, you will learn how to do exciting activities such as ice skating or sailing. The agency mostly caters to young, inexperienced youths who need to get out more. It has a wealth of experience, which it uses to help youth become more understanding of nature.

3. The Global Work & Travel Co.

5 Online Travel Agencies That Make Your Travel EasierIt is a remarkable agency for those who travel for either work or pleasure. The agency offers its clients the opportunity to get to their destination with no hassle. Whether it is volunteering in some remote part of the world or visiting exotic places, this is a great agency. Most people who have used it before always talk highly about it afterward.

4. Vantage Deluxe World Travel

This agency is quite old. It was formed in 1983 and has been operating consistently since then. The agency is well-known for offering its customers quality tours that give them the quality experience of wherever they travel. It selects its destinations quite carefully to make sure that quality is not compromised.


It is the largest online travel agency in the United States. The company has formed alliances with other companies that ensure it offers its clients quality trips. Due to its size and efficiency, the company has been able to reach all destinations around the world. Wherever one may desire to go, the agency is willing to take them there.

Users of this agency will have nothing to regret. There are a lot of bargain offers and discounts available through this agency. Due to its size, users can be guaranteed of quality. It is an advantage that it has over the other travel agencies. The company takes up more than half of the market in the online travel agency.


Travel can be made less of a hassle with a quality travel agency. Consider using any of these for the best experience. Whether it is for work or fun; these agencies will help to make it bearable.

How Important Is Headphones While Traveling?


The world is full of interesting and fun sounds that are worth hearing. For instance, the roar of a lion or the trumpeting of elephants can be quite surreal. During a trip, one of the essentials should be headphones. Some people put them down, but they are an important part of life. Here is why.


Headphones While TravelingHeadphones ensure one has some people of mind in cramped spaces. During a trip, you do not get to choose who seats by you. That is something that is up to fate. You may find yourself seated to a noisy baby or among friends talking about topics you do not know. It can be quite a drag for you. It is the perfect chance for you to alone with your thoughts. Turn your music on and be lost in your world.

At times, you may not understand the music in the country. For instance, if you travel to Asia, you might become quite bored. There is unlikely to be any music playing on the bus or at the beach that you know. Headphones give you the opportunity to listen to the music randomly. Also, it will help you not feel too awkward. Ensure that you get a chance to hear to your native music with some cool headphones.

You can use your headphones to learn the language. Without them, your language interpreter app could be quite noisy. Your headphones provide you with the opportunity to listen to interpretations undisturbed. You can make inputs into the app and listen to what it says. Later on, you can begin practicing with the few friends you make during your trip.

Headphones While TravelingThe reason you need headphones is that thy have more range than ear buds. Using earbuds to listen to music is quite tempting. However, these tiny things have no range at all. They operate within a narrow band of music range. The result is that you miss most of the sound with these tiny things. Headphones ensure that you hardly miss any beat. With the right kind of headphones, you will have an enjoyable music experience.

Keep Out the Noise

You can block out all sound with noise cancellation headphones that have been around for quite a while. Mostly, they cancel out all external noise giving you amazing audio clarity. You may also choose to use them for a nap. Getting some sleep can be quite difficult depending on the hotel you book. Just put them over your ears and cancel out all the noise outside.


If you ever decide to go on a trip, never leave your headphones behind. This is a decision you will live to regret. Put them in a list of things to remember at all times. Best of all, you do to have to leave them in your suitcase. Carry them with you wherever you go and enjoy some music as you go. They are a great way to keep busy especially if you are traveling alone.

Benefits of Travel Flatiron for Women


Travel Flatiron for WomenMost women that use flat irons use them to straighten the hair. However, this may not be possible to do if one is traveling. The home flat iron will not work in all situations. It is the reason one should buy a good travel flat iron.

1. Thy comes with a dual voltage setting

Travel means that you may have to go to countries that use different voltage standards than everyone else. When you do this, you will need that switches over quickly so do not waste your time buying converters. For one, a converter is quite huge. It is extra baggage, which can be quite a bore when you are trying to have fun.

2. They are compact

An ordinary flat iron is quite massive. Besides, the flat iron is quite heavy. Besides that, it comes with a long cord that can be entangled with your other items. In short, the hassle of carrying a large flat iron from home can be quite irritating. Most people thus opt to buy a smaller travel flat iron. It will leave more room for you to pack other important things that you require on your trip.

3. Travel Flat Irons are cheaper than standard flat irons

Travel Flatiron for WomenNobody likes losing valuable goods. A home based flat iron is something that you buy with a lot of consideration. As a result, you end up spending a good amount of money on it. Saving up the money for the flat iron may take you quite a while. It can be quite distressing if you misplace it on your trip. Even if you do happen to lose one, it will not be very expensive. You can leave with the loss and buy a new one.

4. It keeps your hair looking good

At times, you may need to travel for an extended business trip. However, you cannot carry your massive flat iron. A small flat iron makes the process of keeping your hair looking good much easier. Even when the meeting is on short notice, you can bring it with you and use it in the bathroom. It might give you the extra points you need to close that deal.

5. It keeps your hair cleaner

If you try to clean up natural hair with all the curls, it can be quite difficult. It usually requires hours of effort to keep the product out of your hair. The beauty product builds up is at times be disastrous for you. It will often cause the hair to be weaker and break off. A flat iron will ensure it is much easier to keep your hair clean even on a trip.

6. Helps you know if your hair is healthy

Without a flat iron, it is quite difficult to see the unhealthy hairs. As a result, it may take you quite a while to notice the split ends in your hair. At times, it only requires a simple remedy to take care of it. Having a travel flat iron means you can get your hair the help it needs in time.


Flat irons are an awesome tool to have. They can assist you in many situations in your life. Always ensure you have one when you travel. Travel flat irons are cheaper than typical flat irons, and you will not lose too much if your luggage goes missing.

Top 4 Fishing Destinations In Iceland


Iceland is an awesome country to visit. It has a lot of scenic beauty and man interesting things to do. One of these activities is fishing. The country is blessed with some of the finest rivers and lakes in the world. In addition, they are full of fish, which makes it easy to catch them. IF one is ever in Iceland, they should choose one of these locations to go and fish there. You can also get to know everything you need to know about icelandic fish dishes before you visit so you know what to expect and learning about some of the best resturants in Reykjavík in 2017 might also be a good idea.

Huseyjarkvisl River

Top 4 Fishing Destinations In IcelandThis is one of the places for trout fishing in Iceland. Each year, anglers catch some very large trout at this river. The catch and release program implemented at the river mean that anglers can expect to make a big catch. ON this river, a 96 cm trout has been caught. Like other places in Iceland, the official fishing season on the river begins in April. This is a great spot to try out if one is ever in Iceland.

Langa River

Top 4 Fishing Destinations In IcelandThis river is just an hour’s drive from Reykjavik. It is a great spot for fly-fishing. The water on this river is suitable for anglers because there is minimum wading. The river is one of the most well-known fishing spots in the country. Besides that, there are plenty of fish to be caught on this river. There are high-quality lodges located near this river. The food and accommodation in these lodges are of top quality.

Lake Thingvallavatn

Top 4 Fishing Destinations In IcelandThis is a famous lake in Iceland, which is a popular fishing spot for tourists to the country. Besides being a great fishing spot, the lake is also famous for being a notable historic site. It is the site of the founding of Iceland’s parliament. The lake offers anglers an opportunity to catch four different types of char.

The famous lake produces trout that are over thirty pounds on a regular basis. This lake is best for fishing at the beginning of April all the way to early June. In other months, the fish go deeper into the lake, which makes it hard to catch them.

River Jokla

Top 4 Fishing Destinations In IcelandThe river system of the Jokla is made of the main river and three major tributaries. Most of the fishing takes place near the estuaries or lagoons. It is allowed to fish throughout the night if the tides allow it. Being able to fish at night is a surreal experience that one will remember for a while.

The best time to fish on this River is around June and Jul; this is the time salmon beginning running the river. On the banks of the river are a number of fine lodges that a great for anglers. Like most other places in Iceland, the lodges offer a breathtaking view. A fishing trip to Iceland would not be complete without a visit to this river.


Iceland is an awesome place to go fishing. The waters there have a bountiful supply of fish. With a bit of luck, one should be able to make the biggest catch of their life.