Best 6 Budget Friendly Hotels In The World


One of the biggest expenses, when one is traveling, is the hotel. Most people end up paying a lot of money since they want to stay in comfort. However, there are cheap alternatives that are quite affordable. In addition, they do not compromise on the quality.

1. Hicksville Trailer Palace

Budget Friendly Hotels In The WorldThe hotel is located within the Joshua Tree National Park. However, getting directions to this place will not be easy. The hotel only reveals where it is located to those who have confirmed the reservation. The hotel is the brainchild of Morgan Higby Night. He also happens to be a producer and writer based in L.A. He wanted to find a place that he could go to be at peace with himself.

2. Inn at Tilton Place

Budget Friendly Hotels In The WorldThis is an awesome place for people who want to enjoy the sun and beaches of Florida. The place is located north of Jensen Beach. It only takes two hours to drive here from Jensen Beach. This inn has a lot of rich history to it. Visitors to the place will be soaked in the rich history of the place through photos placed all over the hotel. An affordable place is quiet and relaxing.

3. Sawtooth Hotel

Budget Friendly Hotels In The WorldThe hotel is located away from the busy streets of the cities. It is a wonderful place to have some time to relax. In addition, it is an affordable and comfortable place to stay. The hotel offers a great view of the scenic beauty of the Sawtooth Mountain. Their jagged untouched beauty will be quite a remarkable sight.

4. Hotel 340

Budget Friendly Hotels In The WorldThis hotel is located inside the building that once hosted the St Paul Athletic Club. The building is built in English renaissance style and it is 12 stories. The hotel has some luxurious amenities inside. All the floors of the hotel are made of hardwood. In addition, the showers are quite elegant.

5. Hotel Le Marais

Budget Friendly Hotels In The WorldThis elegant place is found in New Orleans. The interior of the building is quite beautiful. It has a lobby that is set in predominantly bright colors. The rooms are quite different to the lively lobby. They are an oasis of peace and quiet. The hotel rooms have wrought-iron balconies. Visitors will be quite impressed at how elegant the hotel looks. This is definitely one of the best bargains in the world for quality.

6. Cocomama

Budget Friendly Hotels In The WorldThis is one of the most affordable hotels in Amsterdam. The hotel rooms are draped in Dutch inspired kitsch. Each room is a reflection of the Netherlands in its own unique way. It has an interesting history to it. The building was once the most famous brothel in Amsterdam. The hotel is also located near the fun side of Amsterdam. Visitors will have an easy time touring the city and leaving affordably.


These fine hotels will be worth every penny. Thy offer quality and affordability. This is something rare and deserving of appreciation on the current hotel industry. If one does not have, much money and they want to tour the world. These places are the perfect solution.