Top 3 Golf Courses In Switzerland


Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries on earth. It has a rugged terrain that is full of snowcapped mountains. The scenic country also has some of the best transportation infrastructures in Europe. It makes travel in this country quite comfortable. One of the most favorite activities of visitors to this country is golfing.

The country boasts of some of the finest golf courses on earth. As of now, there are over 90 of them. All of which are quite excellent for playing golf. Here are top three that you must visit at least once if you ever go to Switzerland.

Golf Equipment

Before you play golf you will need to make sure you have golf clubs, your golf bag and all the other important things that make up the fundamental golf equipment. Make also sure to arrive early so you are not late and that you have time to warm up and head over to the golf range and hit a few balls, you can also warm up at home if you have the right setting and have golf net for practice in your backyard or you might want to look into setting up a home range using this guide.

1. Domaine Imperial

Golf Courses In SwitzerlandThis golf course is just a twenty-minute drive from Geneva airport. It is among the few golf courses in Europe designed by the legendary Pete Dye. The Dye family is famous worldwide for their impressive skill at designing golf courses.

The golf course’s construction began in the 70s and was completed by 1987. The entire operation involved shifting over half a million meters of dirt. Seve Ballesteros made the inaugural tee. Pete Dye prides

2. Schonenberg Golf & Country Club

Golf Courses In SwitzerlandIt is an 18 hole golf course that is located next to the River Kerbs. As a result, water is used several times in the course of play. The Harradine Company designed the course in the 1960s. The course did not involve the movement of much earth. It is built on the land, which is already perfect. However, this course is closed on November and opens again at the end of February. It is usually in the winter months.

The park does not cater to winter golf players. It has a very strict policy on guests. They are welcome on any day except the weekends. On weekends, they must come with a member of the club. It is located south of Zurich, which is fifteen miles away from this course.

3. Golf Club Vulssens

Golf Courses In SwitzerlandIt is a fine creation, which is the brainchild of Jeremy Perns. The golf club was officially opened to the public in 2001. It has a front nine, which play to par 35, it has triple par 3 holes. The back nine play has three par 5 holes and longer.

The course has one of the most scenic views. It is conveniently found between the Alps and the Jura. The course is built on rolling hills, which provide for an excellent course. The adjacent clubhouse can trace its origins back to medieval times. There are also some impressive buildings, which have a rural look to them. Visitors to the course always yearn to come back again.


The golf courses are also located within easy reach of some excellent skiing resorts. You can relax with some skiing after a round of golf. The whole of the country is within easy reach of a skiing resort. Switzerland is one of the most desired destinations by tourists. Make sure you utilize your visit there to the full. Ensure you plan your trip carefully to visit all of the attractions before you have to leave.

Top 4 Fishing Destinations In Iceland


Iceland is an awesome country to visit. It has a lot of scenic beauty and man interesting things to do. One of these activities is fishing. The country is blessed with some of the finest rivers and lakes in the world. In addition, they are full of fish, which makes it easy to catch them. IF one is ever in Iceland, they should choose one of these locations to go and fish there. You can also get to know everything you need to know about icelandic fish dishes before you visit so you know what to expect and learning about some of the best resturants in Reykjavík in 2017 might also be a good idea.

Huseyjarkvisl River

Top 4 Fishing Destinations In IcelandThis is one of the places for trout fishing in Iceland. Each year, anglers catch some very large trout at this river. The catch and release program implemented at the river mean that anglers can expect to make a big catch. ON this river, a 96 cm trout has been caught. Like other places in Iceland, the official fishing season on the river begins in April. This is a great spot to try out if one is ever in Iceland.

Langa River

Top 4 Fishing Destinations In IcelandThis river is just an hour’s drive from Reykjavik. It is a great spot for fly-fishing. The water on this river is suitable for anglers because there is minimum wading. The river is one of the most well-known fishing spots in the country. Besides that, there are plenty of fish to be caught on this river. There are high-quality lodges located near this river. The food and accommodation in these lodges are of top quality.

Lake Thingvallavatn

Top 4 Fishing Destinations In IcelandThis is a famous lake in Iceland, which is a popular fishing spot for tourists to the country. Besides being a great fishing spot, the lake is also famous for being a notable historic site. It is the site of the founding of Iceland’s parliament. The lake offers anglers an opportunity to catch four different types of char.

The famous lake produces trout that are over thirty pounds on a regular basis. This lake is best for fishing at the beginning of April all the way to early June. In other months, the fish go deeper into the lake, which makes it hard to catch them.

River Jokla

Top 4 Fishing Destinations In IcelandThe river system of the Jokla is made of the main river and three major tributaries. Most of the fishing takes place near the estuaries or lagoons. It is allowed to fish throughout the night if the tides allow it. Being able to fish at night is a surreal experience that one will remember for a while.

The best time to fish on this River is around June and Jul; this is the time salmon beginning running the river. On the banks of the river are a number of fine lodges that a great for anglers. Like most other places in Iceland, the lodges offer a breathtaking view. A fishing trip to Iceland would not be complete without a visit to this river.


Iceland is an awesome place to go fishing. The waters there have a bountiful supply of fish. With a bit of luck, one should be able to make the biggest catch of their life.